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CLBC Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my park key. Where do I get another one?
Park keys can be replaced by contacting Farrah Seethaler.

How much are dues and where do I send them?
CLBC dues are $165 PRIOR to April 1 and $175 if postmarked AFTER April 1. Dues can be sent to: CLBC, P.O. Box 9, Woodinville, WA 98072

What is the official CLBC Facebook page?
The neighborhood Facebook page, which is used by the Board to announce official neighborhood tidings, is located here. Please note there is also a linked Facebook Group just for neighbors to share photos, lost animal notices, etc.

How can I reserve the park cabana?
To reserve the cabana (for residents only), please use our request form located on the The Park page.

Is your park membership based? Can I purchase a membership?
No, our park is for neighborhood residents, only.

Can I use your dock and park if I access it from the Cottage Lake public side or another private home on the lake?
No, our park is private property and exclusively for residents of Cottage Lake Beach Club. Accessing our park/dock from the lake is considered trespassing and will be reported.